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What's it all abart me owd cock?

The idea behind the Barnsley beers is to develop a range of classic and varying styles based around the character, history and sayings of Barnsley and Barnsley folk and also Yorkshire in a wider context – old fashioned Barnsley with a contemporary twist. They intend to make a light hearted reference to some of the dialect, sayings, history, character and traditional food of the area.

After all, Barnsley folk like nothing more than a friendly pint and a bit of leg pulling.

In 2002 a famous architect (Will Alsop) put forward a serious proposal to remodel the centre of Barnsley on the theme of a walled village in Tuscany, Italy. He wanted to create a modern version of a Tuscan wall by having a circle of modern buildings surrounding Barnsley's Town Hall with an interconnected halo of light beamed hundreds of feet into the air above the circle of buildings. This proposal attracted a lot of debate and attention nationally but the council are undecided...

Hence the logo for BBC features a number of Barnsley's best known buildings placed together - the police station, jail, pawnshop, dole office, pubs etc – all placed together like a Tuscan Hill Town.

All of our traditional beers are handcrafted by the award winning real ale Wentworth Brewery, helping us create unique new ales.

"Great Wi Snap"

Snap is a Yorkshire dialect word meaning food. A snap tin is a metal container made in the same shape as a slice of bread which a miner would use to carry his lunch and the food would be safe from mice and rats. Our intention is to match each beer with a local delicacy.


"Tha's niver seen owt like it"

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Its true, this range is totally unique, totally affordable and totally beautiful.