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Choose Your Tipple

Do you know what you like when it comes to ale? Why not try The Barnsley Beer Company's range!

Whether it's a soft honey Bee By Gum, a golden glittering Bobby Dazzler, a gob-shutting (Shut Thi Gob) strong brown ale or the Barnsley Blonde (light hearted, seductive, full bodied, fruity and satisfying - and the beer is just the same) we have something for you!

If you need some inspiration of what to serve with your fine ale we have included Barnsley's interpretation of "food pairing", namely great wi snap.

You will already find our beers in some great outlets such as Rhythm & Booze or EH Booth - we are working to get our beautiful beers closer to you - so keep checking your favourite stockists.

We hope you enjoy (responsibly) our beers - if you have ideas as to new beers that you would like us to create please do tell us.