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Barnsley Better

This uses the Barnsley skyline shown on the BBC logo to show how Barnsley is getting better, although it has some way to go before it resembles a Tuscan hill Village. It's a play on Barnsley Bitter really - Barnsley Bitter was a famous beer brewed in Oakwell next to the football club until the 1970's - it had a huge following and a few small breweries have tried copying it since. Ronnie's first proper job was delivering beer for the brewery in the late 50's so it's ironic really.

Style: Traditional Best Bitter

Tasting Notes: An attractive nut brown and traditional bitter with satisfying toffee overtones

ABV: 3.8%

Great Wi Snap

Fish and chips are very popular in Barnsley and Yorkshire and go well with this illustrious ale, even better when mushy peas and scraps are included.

Barnsley Better

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