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Barnsley Blonde

Light hearted, seductive, full bodied, fruity and satisfying - and that's just the women of Barnsley. In fact "The name's Blonde... Barnsley Blonde"... Licensed to thrill! Originally this was going to be about a ferret with a blonde wig on and a James Bond revolver but instead it's dedicated to the gorgeous ladies of Barnsley, all of whom appreciate the fine dining and the romantic qualities of Pork Scratchings and a bottle of "The Blonde" bombshell.

Style: Precious Golden Ale

Tasting Notes: Shimmers and shimmies with an attractive and seductively golden full bodied flavour that is sure to tantalise your taste buds. At 5.0%, with a fruity bitter after-taste and deliciously satisfying aroma, this is a blonde to truly savour!

ABV: 5%

Great Wi Snap

Why not treat your Barnsley Blonde to a romantic evening with a gurt big bag of the finest Pork Scratchings!

Barnsley Blonde

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