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Bee By Gum

A honey beer based on the well known Yorkshire phrase "ee by gum". This 4.3% ale is skilfully blended using a selection of finest local honeys. The honey comes from Beehives in the same village as the brewery (Wentworth), hence very local. The scarf on the bee is Barnsley FC, the local shrine to Brazilian style football.

Style: Honeyed Golden Ale

Tasting Notes: A skilfully blended beer using a selection of the finest local honeys. Four different seasonal blossoms give Bee by Gum its distinctive and ever changing flavours.

ABV: 4.3%

Great Wi Snap

Why not try Bee by Gum with the biggest Barnsley chop tha can lay thee hands on! A Barnsley Chop is a massive lamb chop taken from all the way across the loin and therefore a double chop. It is so big that often it is served on its own with just mint sauce. It originated in a famous local hotel - Brooklands - but is now popular across the region and throughout the UK but not with vegetarians. Tha needs a right big gob ta darn a Barnsley chop but a marth full of "Bee By Gum" helps it on its way.

Bee By Gum

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