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Clog Iron

A clog iron is a special shaped piece of iron used on the base of clogs to stop the nail heads from wearing out through excessive use. Workers in the mills, mines, iron and steel works and factories at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution needed strong, cheap footwear and clogs became an everyday but popular necessity. If you knew someone who was an expert or somebody who was slightly scholarly then it was normal to say "tha noes a lot abart clog iron thee". In other words you know a lot of rubbish about something not very important. "E duntarf nosum stuff".

Style: Deep Garnet Mild

Tasting Notes: This masterful beer is a luscious, tasty, deep garnet mild with sweet toffee overtones balanced by traditional English Fuggles and Golding Hops.

ABV: 4.3%

Great Wi Snap

Wonderful with tripe and onions with a liberal dash of single vineyard oak aged vintage balsamic vinegar.

Clog Iron

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