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Nutty Stack

A play on the word Nutty Slack which is a local word for coal - we couldn't use nutty slack as it is already in use on somebody else's beer. When times were both hard and cold, as they often were, it was not unusual to see hordes of local Barnsley folk scouring the many pit stacks looking for unused lumps of coal or "Nutty Slack".

Style: Cracking Robust Ale

Tasting Notes: The beer is a robust, deep red, nutty and full bodied malty brew with a delicious caramel and toffee finish. Hence a pile of peanuts!

ABV: 4.4%

Great Wi Snap

Yorkshire Puddings with jam on is an old fashioned favourite desert that we felt would go well with the beer. You could even wash your sticky fingers with it.

Nutty Stack

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