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Owd Tyke

A Tyke is a native from Yorkshire but is mainly used to describe a person from Barnsley - it can also mean cheeky, rough and ill mannered but there's nobody in Barnsley like that. We thought of an old faithful dog, a bit grumpy but reliable and faithful to the end - our "owd tyke" would be how you would describe the old dog that you love! Toby Tyke is the Barnsley FC mascot and therefore the dog is seen wearing a Barnsley football cap - this is a red ale after all and designed to keep you warm on the terraces.

Style: Ruby Red Ale

Tasting Notes: An attractive copper red, malty beer with a delicious roasted coffee aftertaste, faithful to the bitter end.

ABV: 4.6%

Great Wi Snap

Why not try Owd Tyke with a large growler and a selection of spiced chutneys!
A large growler is a massive pork pie made and sold on Barnsley market - also coincidentally a term for a hip flask used to carry ale.

Owd Tyke

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