Barnsley Beer Company

The Wentworth Micro-Brewery

We leave the serious stuff of making proper beer to the experts - we work very closely with our local Wentworth micro-brewery to create our beautiful beers. The brewery is set within the exquisite grounds of the Wentworth Estate, where they make our beer as beautiful as the surroundings of the estate!

Wentworth Micro-Brewery

The Wentworth Brewery uses its own fine spring water sourced from 153 feet under the brewery within its grounds in the Wentworth Estate. The brewery has been in operation since 1999, consistently creating award winning beers.

Richard HancockHead Brewer Richard Hancock works tirelessly to create the perfect brew. He makes beer in the traditional way (we wouldn't let him do it any other way!), with no extracts, filters or concentrates...just pure malt.

His skills of blending a variety of different malts, each with their own unique colours and flavours allows us to create individual beers with great character. A true perfectionist, he will not release his beers until they are nothing short of perfect.